Frank: Where were you when we did this four years ago?
Liz: Certainly not at a Michael's Crafts crafting cruise.
Dot Com: You just bought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's bones, and he's not even dead!
Liz: You didn't realize emotion could be a weapon? Have you not read the poetry of Jewel?
Kelsey: Here's to another successful operation by the Best Friends Gang.
Jenna: Trust me. Any girl would wanna dance with you. You're rich, and you're fat so you'll die young. Women love that.
Mankind: Quiet! Mankind is trying to tweet about these clowns in Congress.
Jack: He's a white male with hair, Lemon. The sky's the limit.
Pete: Damn it! I have to write a 40 word exit evaluation of Kenneth. I wish I was dead!
Kenneth (to Jenna): Didn't you notice your food wasn't pre-chewed?
Jenna: Adam's acting like us.
Tracy: But he is not famous. Why is the government allowing this?